Our innovative in-house project management and coaching support platform that fosters collaboration and enhances team productivity.

Our in-house project management and coaching support platform, Accolade Connect, streamline your innovation projects with seamless collaboration and enhanced efficiency.

From ideation to execution, this comprehensive platform empowers your team to work together harmoniously, ensuring the successful realization of your innovative initiatives.

Our in-house eLearning platform, Accolade Academy, is also integrated into Accolade Connect portal, helping you and your team to upskill at no extra cost.


Task Manager

Seamlessly oversee both your individual tasks and collaborative team assignments. Enjoy the flexibility to create and manage private tasks, distinct from the project at hand.

Kanban Boards

Visualize your tasks and monitor your progress effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface and adaptability to diverse projects, they serve as a versatile tool to boost your productivity.

Direct Messaging

This intuitive tool enables swift communication among team members, clients, and other essential stakeholders.

File Sharing

Enjoy unlimited file sharing to meet all your project requirements (subject to usage policy guidelines).


Elevate your skills and empower your team through our exclusive courses, all included at no extra expense.

Mobile App

Conveniently access the platform using your mobile phone, regardless of your location.

Unlimited Team Members

Rather than charging per project member, our pricing allows you to invite and collaborate with as many team members as required without straining your budget.

External Contributors

Seamlessly integrate your external contributors into your project, without incurring any additional costs.


Enhance project efficiency

Establish a centralized hub for project data, facilitating organized collaboration and streamlined progress tracking.

Foster collaborative excellence

Ensure real-time updates and efficient task completion, promoting effective teamwork and communication.

Mitigate project risks

Accolade Connect empowers proactive issue identification and resolution, preempting potential problems.

Cut costs on skill training

Leverage Accolade Academy for self-paced learning, catering to diverse comprehension speeds within your team.

Elevate communication speed

Enable swift information sharing and prompt assistance through seamless team interaction.

Work with large files with ease

Utilize Accolade Connect for secure storage and accessible sharing of project files across devices.

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