On-Target Sales Success System

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About the On-Target Sales Success System

This course is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and seasoned sales professionals in mind who relies on selling conversations to close the sale.  The course is especially useful for businesses that employ a certain degree of flexibility with the scope and pricing of the product/service being offered.

This training adopts the principles used in archery sport. During a competition, an archer performance relies on a good bow, a strong bowstring, the target and keeping a good score. The archer will not win the competition if he or she got one of the elements wrong.

  • If the bow is weak, it will break before it can shoot the arrow.
  • If the archer applies to much energy to the bowstring, the arrow will overshoot the target. Too little, then the arrow won’t reach the target at all.
  • If the archer gets the target wrong, they will waste all of that energy on shooting arrows that missed.
  • If the archer didn’t keep score of his/her performance, they won’t be able to improve.

Selling is a lot like archery:

  • The bow talks about the personal attributes of the salesperson. If the salesperson is weak, there is very little chance of being successful.
  • The bowstring talks about the selling conversations required to close the sale. If the salesperson says too much, or too little, or even the wrong thing, the sale won’t close.
  • The target talks about the qualified prospect. Failing to qualified prospect early and throughout the selling process will cause the salesperson to waste energy on a sale that won’t close.
  • The score talks about key metrics to measure the salesperson’s performance. Just like in archery or any other sports, to get better, one must keep score, and constantly work to improve that score.

Course Content

Module 1 - The "YOU" in Sales
Module 2 - The Selling Conversations
Module 3 – The “Target” in Sales
Module 4 – The “Score”


Emmanuel Setyawan

A Strategyzer coach and Blue Ocean Strategy Australia consultant, Emmanuel brings remote delivery and time-proven, case study backed frameworks to remote strategy coaching and facilitation while helping customers create new or improve existing business models, design value propositions that capture new market or untapped needs and create a new way to generate revenue streams. Contact Accolade Coaching now and let Emmanuel help you work on your innovation strategy.