Tap into a global online network of innovators and open doors to fresh insights and collaborative opportunities across borders and industries.

Innovation Mastermind

Accolade Coaching’s Innovation Mastermind serves as a thriving online community, uniting innovators from diverse backgrounds who share a common passion for turning their visionary ideas into reality.

We leverage our expertise in strategy coaching and facilitation using the Strategyzer frameworks to facilitate this empowering platform.

The group is open to individuals and teams seeking to amplify their innovation capabilities, connect with industry experts, and access the tools and strategies needed to bring their innovative projects to fruition.

A Global Network for Collaboration and Inspiration

Members have the opportunity to tap into a global network of innovators, opening doors to fresh insights and collaborative opportunities across borders and industries.

By sharing knowledge and experiences, members can broaden their horizons and overcome challenges creatively, resulting in enhanced problem-solving and ideation.

Member-Exclusive Events and Skill-Building Opportunities

We organize exclusive events, including webinars, workshops, and challenges, designed to equip participants with new skills, innovative methodologies, and practical knowledge that can be applied directly to their projects.

Aspiring innovators can immerse themselves in an environment that encourages exploration, risk-taking, and collaboration.

Be part of the Innovation Mastermind Group

Accolade Coaching’s Innovation Mastermind group ignites the spark of creativity within individuals and teams, fostering a global network of trailblazers committed to transforming ideas into impactful realities.

It’s free to join Innovation Mastermind. You also have the option to upgrade to a Pro Membership and receive exclusive benefits.

To become part of this thriving community, click on the link below.

Free membership (US$0 per month)

Join our Innovation Mastermind group for free to access exclusive contents, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities within our innovation community.

Pro Membership (US$30 per month)

Elevate your innovation journey with our Pro Membership. Gain access to an exclusive 24/7 virtual hangout room via our Virtual Suite. Collaborate with global innovators effortlessly. Plus, leverage our AI-powered chatbot, fine-tuned by our experts, to get instant insights for your business innovation queries.