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All-in-One Marketing Automation Solution with integration

Included in Accolade Coaching Connect’s Subscription*

Who is LeadHub.pro for?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers who require high-limit, strong and dependable marketing platform without breaking the bank.

Are your marketing tools...


You are subscribing to multiple platforms to fulfil all your marketing needs, causing your marketing cost to skyrocket even before your start your campaign.


You are subscribing to multiple platforms to fulfil all your marketing needs, causing your marketing cost to skyrocket even before your start your campaign.

No integration?

Your marketing tools are disconnected. So, you are subscribing to an external integration tool like Zapier to connect them all and make them talk to each other, which adds to your cost as your usage grows.

Introducing LeadHub.pro

All-in-one marketing automation solution with out-of-the-box integration at one low price.

Part of Accolade Coaching Connect*

*All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise mentioned.
Upon purchase, please allow up to 24 hours for us to get you set up.


Unlimited Landing Pages

Create unlimited pages with LeadHub.pro landing page builder.

Unlimited features only with the Pro Suite.

Unlimited Social Channels

Connect your social platforms and schedule as many posts as you like with LeadHub.pro..

Unlimited features only with the Pro Suite.

Unlimited Automations

Create automation from a set of pre-defined triggers and actions or create your own using our custom API..

Unlimited features only with the Pro Suite.

Email Marketing

Create email marketing campaigns to targetted lists. Perform A/B testing all from a single platform.

Available with any suite. (limit applies)

Unlimited Contact List

Create unlimited lists and contacts with our Contact and List manager.

Available with any suite.

Simple Task Manager

Manage your tasks and projects easily with a Kanban style board.

Available with any suite.

Unlimited Reporting

Track your activities across different tools and channels from one single platform and create custom-branded reports and schedule them to be automatically sent to you or to other people on a recurring basis.

Available with any suite.

Unlimited Lead Scoring

Use an online lead assignment tool to assign values to your leads based on their attributes, to segment your leads into appropriate groups based on the information you have on them.

Available with any suite.

Unlimited Goal Tracking

Set goals and measure their KPIs to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, and get a better understanding of what is working and what to improve on. Creating goals and analyzing them is a great way to measure your success.

Available with any suite.

Unlimited Storage

Get unlimited storage and use the File Manager to save and organise your files, and use them for Landing Page Builder, Email Template Builder or Social Media publisher.

Available with any suite.

Pixabay & Giphy Integration

Search and insert images and gifs directly from the LeadHub.pro.

Available with any suite.

Awesome Chat Support

A team of highly qualified support staff is always ready to help you, should you come across any technical issues.
Included with any plans.


Reduce Cost

Significantly reduce your cost by not having to use different platforms for email, landing page, social media and automation tools.

Remove unnecessary integration

Get all the marketing tools you need from LeadHub.pro and limit your external integration to a minimum.

Cut down clutter

No more combining different solutions to manage all your marketing. Do all your marketing projects from a single platform.

Extremely Cost Effective

Get all the features mentioned above for LESS THAN US$50 PER MONTH.

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