Module 1 - The "YOU" in Sales
Module 2 - The Selling Conversations
Module 3 – The “Target” in Sales
Module 4 – The “Score”

OTS1.01. A Snapshot of the On-Target Sales System

Lesson Notes


  • Introduction to the On-Target Sales Success System (OTS3) framework
  • Quiz


  • Identify and apply the key components of the OTS3 framework.
  • Understand why we use the sport archery as a metaphor

The On-Target Sales System explained

  • The Bow: the person
  • The Bowstring: the conversations
  • The Target: the prospect
  • The Score: sales metrics

Training Structure

  • Interactive video segment
  • Reflection segment
  • Lesson notes segment
  • How to Practice segment
  • Resources segment
  • Quiz segment
Reflection Questions
OTS1.01 Form
How to Practice

How to Practice

Some lessons contain a practice element with the help of a partner. If this occurs, we suggest you to get the help of someone close to you or someone you trust that respect your business confidentiality.

When practice is encouraged in the lesson, instruction will be discussed inside the video lesson and further detail will be posted on the “How to Practice” tab.

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