Discover a new era of marketing excellence with the Marketing Plus Toolbox by Accolade Coaching.

Originally designed to empower our coaching clients, this comprehensive package takes your business to new heights.

Our Marketing Plus Toolbox is carefully crafted to empower your marketing strategies and drive growth. We have merged cutting-edge features to revolutionize the way you connect with your audience and achieve outstanding results.

Building upon the Web Essentials Toolbox, the Marketing Plus Toolbox introduces even more capabilities, including our in-house marketing automation tool, testimonial management solution, and a GPT-powered chatbot.


A comprehensive suite to take your digital marketing to new heights.

LeadHub Pro Marketing Automation

Effortlessly manage leads, supercharge campaigns, and watch your conversion rates soar with our proprietary marketing automation tool, LeadHub Pro. Craft targeted campaigns, nurture leads, and measure campaign success, all within one powerful platform.

Advanced GPT-Powered Chatbot

Powered by OpenAI's GPT technology (the creator of ChatGPT). What sets our AI-driven chatbot apart is that you can personally train the chatbot, tailoring interactions for unbeatable customer support, lead generation, and engagement.

Testimonial Toolkit

Build trust and credibility with our Testimonial Toolkit. Gather, curate, and showcase compelling testimonials that resonate with your audience and drive customer loyalty. Leverage the power of positive customer experiences to boost your brand's reputation and attract more prospects.

Email Marketing

The leading email plugin for WordPress, powered by MailPoet. Seamlessly integrate MailPoet with your WordPress-powered website to send unlimited emails to a contact list of up to 20,000 subscribers. With pre-defined templates and customizable designs, easily craft impactful transactional and marketing emails to engage your audience effectively.

SEO Analytics

Maximize your online visibility and improve search engine rankings with our powerful SEO Analytics tool, powered by SEOcrawl. Unlock valuable insights, optimize content, and strategize your SEO efforts to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

No-Code App Builder

Our No-Code App Builder, engineered by Mobiroller, empowers you to rapidly prototype and develop mobile apps without the need for complex coding. Bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently, and drive digital transformation within your organization.


Whether you’re on a coaching journey or an individual aiming to excel digitally, our Marketing Plus Toolbox equips you to harness the power of automation, build trust, and create meaningful interactions, all within your grasp. 

  • Optimized Marketing Performance.
    Unify your marketing efforts under one roof for streamlined campaigns that consistently deliver impactful results.
  • Resource and Time Savings.
    Our integrated tools and automation free up your resources and time, enabling you to focus on strategic decisions and core business activities.
  • Personalized Customer Engagement.
    Our advanced chatbot, trained by you, provides instant responses, personalized experiences, and 24/7 availability, setting a new standard for customer engagement.
  • Credibility and Conversion.
    Leverage the persuasive power of video testimonials to build trust and convert potential leads into devoted customers.

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