Not One Size Fits All

Strategy is not a one size fit all, which is why we designed our solution to suit the need of different teams and organisations. Essentially, our solutions are catered for:

  • Individuals
  • Organisations
  • Strategy Explorers

Our Process

We understand that every client engagement and their needs are different.
Therefore, we break up a typical engagement into 4 simple steps:

Discover where you are

Discover where you want to go

Discover ways to get there

Select the best way and make your move

For Individuals

Leaders are often responsible for the successful delivery of any strategic initiatives. Unfortunately, not all leaders receive the proper training and possess the required skill set to ensure it happens.

Our coaching solution is created to help leaders excel in their strategic role and execute the strategy successfully in their organisation.

We start where you are and help you discover where you want to bring your team and your organisation to. Then we will work with you to help you get there.

All sessions are custom made to suit your leadership need and will be delivered remotely. This will save you from unproductive travel time and unnecessary cost characterised by physical face to face sessions.

For Organisations

Small to large businesses and non-profit organisations will benefit from our solution.

Our facilitation solution delivers strategy workshops remotely to your teams wherever they are located. There is no need to dedicate a few days away from the teams’ office to participate in workshops to create new or improve old strategy.

Our AI-powered delivery management system does not only provide engagement scalability without the price tag, but also ensures that the facilitation process remains aligned to your strategic goals.

For Strategy Explorers

Our premium membership will appeal to any professionals or business people who are new to the strategic landscape, even if they are not responsible to lead a team to implement strategic initiatives.

With a low annual subscription fee, strategy explorers can take advantage of our premium webinars at no additional cost and get a special offer on all our public workshops.

Premium members will get access to members-only content and the Q&A feature on our website. Furthermore, premium members can send their strategy-related questions to be answered by our coach.

Contact us

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