Ep. 014 – Strategic Marketing for CEOs, Sian Burton, Lotus Consulting

This episode brings back a well-known name in BizTalk with Emmanuel podcast. Sian Burton is an experienced marketer with years of experience working with organisational leaders. Listeners may remember Sian from Episode 3, where she talked about her upcoming book Strategic Marketing for CEO. Unfortunately, her book publishing got delayed and it wasn’t until this year that she managed to published her book for real.

Sian provided me with a copy of the book which to my surprise she planned to give it away for free. Having been reading my share of free ebooks in the past, this is not like any of them. I’d be happy to pay the normal book price for this, so believe me if I say it’s worth ready.

Tune in to Episode 014 of BizTalk with Emmanuel featuring Sian Burton.



Emmanuel Setyawan

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