Unlock innovation and sustainable success for your Small and Medium Enterprise with Accolade Coaching.

Embark on your journey towards innovation excellence with us.

Our comprehensive coaching program provides you with the tools, methodologies, and insights needed to navigate the dynamic business landscape.

With our expertise in business model innovation, you’ll not only stay competitive but also drive progress within your organization.


Qualities that define our approach

Tailored 12-month coaching program

Experience a coaching program designed around your unique needs. Our experts collaborate closely with you to create strategies that align with your goals and aspirations.

Proven business model innovation

Transform your business model using our proven methodologies. Adapt to evolving customer expectations, seize opportunities, and make informed decisions that propel growth.

Harness our in-house innovation platforms

Leverage our cutting-edge in-house platforms to foster business innovation. Craft new ideas, explore uncharted territories, and chart a course towards a future of possibilities.

Continuous support from industry experts

Benefit from ongoing support provided by our experienced coaches and industry specialists. Gain insights, guidance, and practical advice to navigate challenges confidently.


  • Stay ahead and agile.
    Embrace innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Anticipate shifts in the market, spot trends early, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  • Elevated competitive advantage.
    Differentiate your business through innovation. Craft a unique business model that captures the essence of your value proposition, attracting discerning customers and partners.
  • Nurture sustainable growth.
    Innovation isn’t just about immediate gains. Our coaching equips you with strategies for sustained growth, enabling you to adapt and thrive over the long haul.
  • Empower your team and culture.
    Foster a culture of innovation in your organization. Empower your team to think creatively, explore unexplored avenues, and contribute to the continuous enhancement of your offerings.

How we're different from traditional Business Coaching

At Accolade Coaching, we stand out from traditional business coaching services in several key ways.

Firstly, we have a specific expertise in business model innovation, allowing us to help organizations reshape their strategies to stay competitive and drive meaningful change.

Secondly, our team-oriented approach ensures active involvement from all members, fostering collaboration and alignment.

Additionally, our longer coaching durations provide the necessary time for comprehensive exploration of business model innovation. We also offer exclusive resources and platforms to enhance the coaching experience.

Lastly, we are committed to delivering exceptional value through tailored support and maximizing client benefits.

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