Elevate your digital marketing with the Web Essentials Toolbox by Accolade Coaching.

Are you ready to transform your online presence into a powerhouse of success? Look no further than our Web Essentials Toolbox.

The Web Essentials Toolbox offers a suite of robust tools designed to enhance your online presence.

From insightful analytics to user-friendly app development and impactful email marketing, the Web Essentials Toolbox equips you with the resources to optimize your digital footprint.


Unveil the Contents of the Web Essentials Toolbox.

Email Marketing Plugin

The leading email plugin for WordPress, powered by MailPoet. Seamlessly integrate MailPoet with your WordPress-powered website to send unlimited emails to a contact list of up to 20,000 subscribers. With pre-defined templates and customizable designs, easily craft impactful transactional and marketing emails to engage your audience effectively.

SEO Analytics

Maximize your online visibility and improve search engine rankings with our powerful SEO Analytics tool, powered by SEOcrawl. Unlock valuable insights, optimize content, and strategize your SEO efforts to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

No-Code App Builder

Our No-Code App Builder, engineered by Mobiroller, empowers you to rapidly prototype and develop mobile apps without the need for complex coding. Bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently, and drive digital transformation within your organization.


Whether you’re a coaching client seeking to transform your online reach or an individual looking to excel in the digital realm, our Web Essentials Toolbox is your gateway to capturing audiences and achieving your digital aspirations.

  • Comprehensive Solution.
    We’ve meticulously assembled a toolbox that encompasses all the fundamental facets of a great online presence. Say goodbye to juggling disparate tools – your complete solution awaits.
  • Expert Advice and Support.
    Alongside robust tools, our skilled mentors at Accolade Coaching are dedicated to helping you extract maximum value from each tool and reach your digital goals.
  • Save Time and Effort.
    Simplify your tasks and save valuable time using our Web Essentials Toolbox. Say goodbye to endless troubleshooting and spend more time building your online brand.
  • Economical Pricing for Quality Tools.
    You don’t have to spend a lot for top-notch digital tools. Our toolbox delivers exceptional quality at a price that accommodates businesses of every size.

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