Strategy is at the very heart of Accolade Coaching. Many organisations lack the big picture of what makes up their businesses. Here at Accolade Coaching, we work with you to take an aerial view of your business and help you make a strategic decision on how to move forward.

Strategy Frameworks We Use

We use only time-proven, case study backed framework and tools used by many companies worldwide.


Strategyzer made the name in 2010 when Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur published a book titled “Business Model Generation” which gave birth to the tool called the “Business Model Canvas”.

The business model canvas has been adopted by organisation big and small, ranging from fortune 500 to a smaller not-for-profit organisations.

Emmanuel Setyawan is a Strategyzer Coach.

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How We Deliver

We specialise in providing strategy coaching and facilitation delivered remotely through various online tools designed for projects and collaboration.

Remote coaching and facilitation are more than just using online meeting platforms to deliver the engagements. We utilise any means necessary to ensure a successful engagement each time every time.

Our AI-powered tools help deliver the engagements as efficiently as possible to reduce the risk of project creep and misalignment. This is especially useful when a large team is involved but resource and time are limited.

We developed our very own e-learning platform which is available at your disposal to streamline educating every level of the organisation of your strategic initiatives. This significantly reduces the cost of rolling out your new strategy and increase the speed of the strategy implementation for you.

Strategy Explorers

Not everyone we serve is a leader of a strategic team or organisation. Strategy practitioners come in many shapes and forms. Some are owners of a small business without a team. Others are just simply in a profession of strategic nature without the leadership title.

Our premium membership would be of great value for those who are interested to explore the landscape of business modelling, value design and competitive strategy.

Premium memberships allow members to get complimentary access to our premium webinar events, as well as discounted public workshop tickets.

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