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What We Do

Remote Strategy Coaching and Facilitation

Strategy is at the very heart of Accolade Coaching. Many organisations lack the big picture of what makes up their businesses. Here at Accolade Coaching, we work with you to take an aerial view of your business and help you make a strategic decision on how to move forward.


We help you formulate the right strategy for your organisation, using time-proven tools and frameworks backed by numerous case studies.


We help you implement the strategies and ensure alignment throughout your organisation.


All strategies eventually expire. We help you review your existing strategy and evaluate the need for a new one.


We work closely with your team to make sure individual activity is well aligned with the organisational strategy.

Why Choose Us

  • Our coaches are trained in the Strategyzer framework tools.
  • We provide customized solutions tailored to your individual organisation’s needs.
  • Our AI-powered delivery management system will reduce cost and improve efficiency of your strategy delivery.
  • Choice of popular meeting platform already used by your organisation such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams for greater convenience.
  • Our own proprietary e-learning platform to help you roll out strategy throughout your organization.

Your Coach

Passionate with business growth, innovation and strategy, Emmanuel started Accolade Coaching in 2012 to help businesses grow and achieve their desired success.

Today, Emmanuel serves clients from small to large corporations on strategic planning and execution using a time-proven, case study-backed framework of Strategyzer.

You can find more information about Emmanuel by following his LinkedIn profile or subscribing to “BizTalk with Emmanuel” podcast, available on iTunes.

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