About us

Accolade Coaching is a business coaching firm that specialises in offering strategy coaching and facilitation service to businesses of any size.

We believe that coaching is the best vehicle to deliver results.

Our Purpose

Empowering organisational leaders to make the right strategic decision with minimal risk through the use of the right tools with the right team.


Emmanuel Setyawan founded Accolade Coaching in 2012 with the desire to help business owners create better businesses. Over the years, we have discovered that most businesses, big or small, lack the big picture view of what’s going on inside and outside their businesses.

In the 5th year of business, Accolade Coaching began focusing on helping clients with their organisational strategy.

In 2019, Accolade Coaching launched its Remote Facilitation Service, which caters for organisation with teams in different geographical locations.

What We Do

Remote Strategy Coaching and Facilitation

Strategy is at the very heart of Accolade Coaching. Many organisations lack the big picture of what makes up their businesses. Here at Accolade Coaching, we work with you to take an aerial view of your business and help you make a strategic decision on how to move forward.


We help you formulate the right strategy for your organisation, using time-proven tools and frameworks backed by numerous case studies.


We help your organisation implement strategies and ensure alignment throughout your organisation.


All strategies eventually expire. We help you review existing strategy and evaluate your need for a new one.


We work closely with your team to make sure individual activity is well aligned with the organisational strategy.

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