Accolade Coaching is a pioneering business coaching company based in Melbourne, Australia, with a global reach. Our core expertise lies in innovation coaching and strategy.

About us

Accolade Coaching, founded by Emmanuel Setyawan in 2012, is a pioneering business coaching company based in Melbourne, Australia, with a global reach.

We guide businesses by providing them with access to our extensive expertise, proprietary technologies, and a time-tested Strategyzer methodology and frameworks, which have proven to be invaluable tools for creating and capturing value in any market.

We offer an incredible value proposition, offering unparalleled results at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional business coaching programs.

With coaching programs, ongoing support, e-learning courses, and proprietary toolboxes, we empower clients to unleash their potential and revolutionize their businesses. 

Who we serve

We serve Startups and Small and Medium-sized enterprises. We stand as a steadfast partner on their journey of innovation, growth, and lasting success.

Our Toolboxes

Empowering Businesses and Innovation Projects

At Accolade Coaching, we are dedicated to equipping our clients with the most advanced tools to foster innovation and drive success.

Our coaching programs include exclusive toolboxes, carefully curated to enhance your innovation projects and propel your business forward.

Our coach

Emmanuel Setyawan is the founder and owner of Accolade Coaching. He is passionate about business growth, innovation and strategy, and has been helping businesses achieve their desired success since 2012.

He serves clients from small to large corporations on strategic planning and execution using a time-proven, case study-backed framework of Strategyzer.

Emmanuel has a rich background in the corporate world, having worked for News Ltd, PwC Australia and Blue Ocean Strategy Australia in various roles. He is also a past member of the Australia Indonesia Business Council Victoria (AIBC), a non-profit organisation that promotes trade and investment between Australia and Indonesia. He served as a committee member from 2018 to 2021, contributing to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Emmanuel is also the host of BizTalk with Emmanuel, a podcast that discusses various business topics and entrepreneurs’ stories to inspire and inform audiences on real business life.

Emmanuel believes that innovation is at the heart of progress and development in every field, and that global virtual communities are a crucial component of this innovation.

Partnership with Strategyzer

Strategyzer offers a wealth of time-proven tools, case study-backed framework and methodologies for creating and capturing value in any market.

The official recognition of Accolade Coaching as a Strategyzer coach, personally trained by Alexander Osterwalder, allows us to deliver unparalleled coaching and facilitation services to organizations of all sizes and industries.

Utilizing the Strategyzer frameworks, we empower clients to effectively formulate, implement, renew, and align their strategies. We also foster innovation by helping businesses optimize their business models and value propositions, staying ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Our History

A Timeline of Innovation and Growth

Founded with a Vision

Accolade Coaching set out on a journey with a clear vision to help businesses achieve their desired success.

Accolade Business Academy

Accolade Business Academy, later shortened to just Accolade Academy, is a powerful e-learning platform to foster business innovation, equip clients with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving market landscape.

Becoming Blue Ocean Strategy Consultant

Our commitment to excellence led us to become one of the select few consultants of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia.

Remote Strategy Facilitation Solution

We introduced the Remote Strategy Facilitation solution, integrating our proprietary E-Learning system with proven frameworks. This innovative offering enabled clients to collaborate despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launch of LeadHub Pro

We revolutionized the way clients design and test new or improved business models with the launch of LeadHub Pro, our in-house All-In-One marketing automation solution.

Recognized as a Strategyzer Coach

Emmanuel is one of only a handful of coaches in the region serving Strategyzer's corporate customers. This achievement strengthened Accolade Coaching's credibility in delivering top-tier coaching services.

Introducing Accolade Connect

Merging the power of our E-Learning content and project management platform, Accolade Connect enabled us to serve clients as a cohesive team, delivering massive value at a fraction of the typical coaching cost.

Innovation Creator Program for Small Business
The Innovation Creator Program is our flagship initiative, designed for small businesses. As we believe innovation is a "team sport," this program focuses on team coaching to foster a collaborative and creative environment.
Harnessing AI with OpenAI GPT Engine

We adopted the OpenAI GPT engine, empowering us to provide even stronger support to our clients throughout their innovation journey and projects, further cementing our position as a leader in the coaching industry.

Introducing Nexus and Virtual Suite Co

Nexus and Virtual Suite Co are our premier platforms, designed with powerful features to elevate the way we meet and collaborate online.