Ep. 013 – How to use idea management to improve customer experience, Jessica Day & Whitney Bernstein, IdeaScale

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IdeaScale is back on BizTalk with Emmanuel podcast. In this episode, Jessica Day and Whitney Bernstein discuss the relationship between idea management and how it can help organizations improve customer experience.

Traditionally, organizations have had a heavy focus on improving customer experience by getting feedback from the customer themselves. In this podcast, Jessica and Whitney described real-life case studies based on client experience how managing internal ideas can lead to better customer experience in the end.


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Emmanuel Setyawan

A Strategyzer coach and Blue Ocean Strategy Australia consultant, Emmanuel brings remote delivery and time-proven, case study backed frameworks to remote strategy coaching and facilitation while helping customers create new or improve existing business models, design value propositions that capture new market or untapped needs and create a new way to generate revenue streams. Contact Accolade Coaching now and let Emmanuel help you work on your innovation strategy.