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Designing a Social Media Strategy that Drives Results for Your Business

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Many businesses neglected the importance of a strong brand as a key resource in their business model. Social media is one of the most effective ways to build a brand in this digital age. But how does one get results toward your business goals with social media?

Putting aside time daily for building your audience, sharing helpful content, and interacting to drive engagement, can help. But without creating a clear social media strategy you won’t truly see meaningful results.

Your social media strategy is your plan for using sites like Facebook and Twitter to realize your business goals. It’s a plan that maps out how you’ll use these sites within the future to sell, grow brand awareness, and build strong relationships together with your audience. Here are the ways your strategy will help.

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Focus for Your Social Media Activity

Without a social media strategy in place, all the time you spent on your chosen platforms might be time wasted. You’ll find yourself just endlessly scrolling through your feed and commenting randomly, not really getting anything the least bit done.

Your strategy gives your activity here focus. You’ll have specific tasks to perform daily, all of which is able to get you closer to the goals you’re trying to attain. It’ll be time well spent which will achieve results.

High-Value Content Your Audience Will Love

Having the right strategy for your social media will greatly improve the content you post and share. This can be because a part of creating your plan is to research your audience and determine what topics, formats, and kinds of content they like.

You’ll know what problems they face so you’ll be able to offer the right solution. Creating a detailed calendar will also ensure that you’re sharing the right material. Doing this will make your content resonate closely with your audience and as a result, you will see an increase in audience interaction and engagement.

Take the Work out of Social Media

Social media works best when you’re relaxed and having fun, interacting along with your audience in a very natural way. By creating a plan beforehand, you know what content to share, and when you’ve got protocols for social media engagement, you’ll simply plug and play. There is no need for you to sit down each day and work out what must be done next. Your to-do list will be clear and well prioritized.

Get Closer to Your Business Goals

The first step in creating a social media strategy is to define your business goals and how social media will fit into them. These goals are the premise for everything you’ll do there, from posting schedule to picking content types; from the tone you use to interact with followers to the metrics you’ll use to make a decision whether you’re making progress toward these goals. Your social media engagement will be more effective.

Get Started with Your Social Media Strategy

Back to our million-dollar question, how does one start creating a good social media strategy? It starts with understanding the value of your offering and also the needs of your target market. This will become the basis of creating a social media plan, implementation and monitoring metrics to see what is getting results and what isn’t so you can refine.

Join Accolade Coaching's free Innovation Mastermind Group to connect with other innovators, collaborate on ideas, and grow your success! Learn more>>
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