How to be Strategic with Your Marketing Message

Your marketing strategy and messaging should represent your business clearly and concisely. Before you begin to create your marketing materials and strategies, you need to have a strong business strategy in place so you can easily nail down what it is you’re trying to achieve and your plan of action in executing it.

Discover Your Ideal Customer

The process of creating an effective business strategy begins with identifying the target market you would like to reach. Who is the person most in need of your product or service? In other words, who is likely to be your ideal customer, the individual you’re focused on delivering your value and attracting with your marketing message?

For example, you could create a customer profile for a small business owner who sells a product that provides security, such as car locks. In this hypothetical example, the core values of small business owners include a strong work ethic, determination, and self-confidence. Their primary buying behaviour includes looking for the lowest price on security products. Their primary pain points are knowing how much it costs to update their car security.

You can’t create a marketing strategy without first understanding who your audience is.

Define your positioning

There are thousands of businesses offering similar types of products or services. So, how are you different from them? How would you position yourself in the market?

One way to do this is by looking at how your competitors are doing things. Are they offering similar products to yours? If so, what makes your products different? If you do not have an edge over your competitors, think of some ways to make your product or service unique.

In digital marketing, one of the biggest challenges that brands face is getting buyers to find and engage with their offerings. To do this well, make sure you position yourself as an expert. Why? Because you’re more likely to show up during a buyer’s research phase in their purchase journey.

Clearly Outline Your Benefits

Marketing isn’t just about your product or service. Customers aren’t interested in hearing how great your product or service is—they’re passionate about what it will do for them. So, your marketing strategy needs to highlight the value you offer to your audience.

The benefits of a product reflect ways they improve the quality of lives of those who use them. If things get done faster, free up more time, save money and help them eliminate fears or dislikes, it means the product benefited the user greatly. Everything your product or service does must be connected to a benefit. Your marketing message must clearly state how your customer’s life will change after using your product.

Putting everything together

Your marketing communication shouldn’t look and feel the same for every audience. Especially with all the different channels and platforms out there, how do you reach and engage each individual segment you’re trying to reach? The strategy behind your communication will differ depending on which audience you’re engaging.

Think about all the different ways you’ll reach your customers and then plan your message accordingly. How can you best tailor your message to fit their level of awareness and consideration at the right time for them? It starts with knowing where they are in their journey with your company.

Above all, your marketing efforts must match your marketing goals. Start with defining your product, your audience, and your competition, and you’ll see how the implementation of artificial intelligence can help further your marketing efforts and goal.

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Emmanuel Setyawan

A Strategyzer coach and Blue Ocean Strategy Australia consultant, Emmanuel brings remote delivery and time-proven, case study backed frameworks to remote strategy coaching and facilitation while helping customers create new or improve existing business models, design value propositions that capture new market or untapped needs and create a new way to generate revenue streams. Contact Accolade Coaching now and let Emmanuel help you work on your innovation strategy.